SOCIALDEVIANT is looking for a Sr. Motion Designer to join our ambitious, infinitely kind and limitlessly composed team of DEVIANTs in our West Loop Chicago Office.

At SOCIALDEVIANT, we’re obsessed with helping our clients grow their brands faster with bigger impact, by creating magnetic brands:  passion brands that attract the right audiences.  It requires collaboration among insights and data, strategy and creative.  That’s why we look for talent who love to both think AND do.

We are looking for a full-time DEVIANT to help us build this incredible company and work with some of the world’s most fascinating brands. We offer incredible benefits, a fantastic work location and space, forward-thinking work philosophies and a chance to make a huge difference.

 Are you a DEVIANT? Let’s find out.

Overall Role Description

A Senior Motion Designer at SOCIALDEVIANT is a master of all motion and movement in any medium.  

(That sentence had a lot of alliteration in it. And it was constructed by one of our copywriters, who you’ll partner with. Back to the point.) 

 You’ll concept, brainstorm, assemble, edit, organize, color, correct, edit again, concept again, re-color, dream up something bigger and blow the client away.

The Senior Motion Designer is a self-starter, a self-teacher, a mover and a shaker.

They lean in on brainstorms.

They collaborate, constantly.

And they’re OSM. You’ll know if you know.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Source inspiration/mood references for animation.

  • Create, prepare or hand off designs and animation.

  • Illustration, in whatever form that takes.

  • Prototype, iterate and improve current work with creative team and business lead to final execution.

  • Build/deliver design and animation templates for clients. 

  • Learn code as needed for website updates.

  • Learn new technology as needed for campaigns.

  • 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Animation.

  • Augmented reality concepting and execution.


  • 5-7 years motion design experience 

  • Agency or post-house background required

  • Expert Adobe Premiere Pro skills

  • Expert Adobe After Effects skills 

  • Familiarity with video equipment, videography, photography, lightning and sound



Here's how to apply.

This position is based in Chicago.  Interested? Please email with
your resume/CV and link to your portfolio. Thank you for your interest and for helping us spread the word!