The Challenge

Roti, a modern Mediterranean restaurant, was getting ready to rapidly expand its footprint. There was just one problem: they had never defined their brand or launched it into the market. 

The ask? Build the brand and do a “test” launch in the Chicago market to act as a model for future market releases. Our goal? To drive awareness and trial with the lunchtime crowd.


Scope of work

Brand Definition
Audience Segmentation
Creative Concepting
Creative Production
Paid Media Planning & Buying



The insightS

We found two things:

  1. Our ideal consumer isn’t obsessed with health and isn’t overly price sensitive. They care about taste and they care about convenience.

  2. When it comes to taste, it's a highly emotional experience that makes you seek the “mmm.” But people are too stuck in their routines and see lunch as just another step in their day.

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Our Approach

Compete on taste, not price or health.

Build a brand platform and personality that is rooted in Roti's purpose, Food that Loves You Back, and differentiate them against the “same ol’ same ol’” lunchtime competitors.



The Big Idea

Love Your Lunch Again

A rallying cry to drop the drab lunchtime routine and opt for something mouthwateringly wonderful. Because the lunch crowd deserves better. Let's love our lunch again.

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The Results

In just under a month, we saw incredible sales results. During our paid social "Love Hour" promotions of exclusive lunchtime deals, Roti's Chicago locations had more than 500+ in-store coupon redemptions.

Additionally, over the first 6 weeks of the campaign, we saw a 500 social follower bump, 1.5 million impressions, more than 200 app downloads, and an extremely efficient CPM.



App Downloads 250
Social Impressions 1.5MM
Total Social Reach 1MM
In-Retail Coupon Redemptions 500+ during a two-hour window