The Challenge

Red Wing Shoes is the premier boot for craftsmen across the world. But Millennials don’t have a connection to the brand and typically choose cheaper options.

The ask? Bring Red Wing Shoes’s brand purpose, To Build a Legacy of Work Done Right, to life through a creative approach that would drive awareness and connection to the Millennial tradesperson.


Scope of work

Brand Definition
Audience Segmentation
Strategy Development
Creative Concepting
Creative Production
Media Planning & Buying


The insight

We immersed ourselves in Work Done Right by speaking with senior leadership, visiting multiple store locations, and taking the factory and tannery tours.

We performed audience research by attending high school trade events, completing primary online research, and speaking with brand ambassadors. And we identified cultural tensions — truths about the trades today and Red Wing Shoes’ current position. We found three things:

  1. Millennial tradesmen and women trust and seek the opinions of those who are experienced on the job.

  2. Our core consumer is the experienced tradesperson.

  3. The legacy of epic work being done in our boots isn’t only historical. Those stories continue today.


The Opportunity

Tap into the loyal Red Wing Shoes work boot wearers to tell our brand story of Work Done Right.

They’ve shared their amazing stories for years, and we just needed to offer a place and reason to share them.



The Big Idea

Create a monument to the American Worker.

The Red Wing Wall of Honor is a physical and digital installation in Red Wing, Minnesota, that honors our tradespeople and the epic work they do in our boots. 


The Results

The Wall of Honor campaign brought Red Wing Shoes’ purpose to life for the first time and united internal teams under a common effort.

By developing creative for 500+ retail stores nationwide, an engaging web experience and social/email content geared to drive awareness, we have blown all benchmarks and expectations out of the water. Among over 700 submissions, the following are two incredible examples of epic stories:

Chris Csoka who heroically helped with the 9/11 clean-up. He was standing alongside others in the wreckage when a pulse of electricity ran through the water below him. His Red Wings saved him from feeling the shock, but the others around him weren’t as lucky. Since he was uninjured, we was able to help them all get to safety.

Dana Pope who has worn the same pair of Red Wings for 27 years as he has saved thousands of homes from falling trees as a tree removal expert.

Furthermore, upon the close of submissions for 2017, we amassed more than 12 million impressions with a 96% positive sentiment around the brand and campaign, unheard of in this category.

In addition, the campaign generated a strong PR response and was featured in AdweekGlobal Web Index’s Campaign of the Month and Media Post, among others.

The Wall of Honor has been so successful for the brand that we are planning for 2018's call for entries to honor a new class.



Submitted Stories 734 (original goal of 100) 
Website Visits 104,570
Social Impressions 17 million (92% positive sentiment)
Highlighted in multiple publications including Adweek