Red Wing Shoes is the premier boot for tradespeople across the world. It has a legacy of offering quality work boots to a passionate fan base of established tradespeople. However, Millennials don’t have a strong connection with the brand and frequently purchase competing products at lower price points.


Scope of work

Brand Definition
Audience Segmentation
Strategy Development
Creative Concepting
Creative Production
Media Planning & Buying


The Challenge

To bring Red Wing’s brand purpose, “To Build a Legacy of Work Done Right,” to life and to raise awareness of Red Wing work boots among millennial tradespeople; create a connection and drive purchase intent.


What We Did

In partnership with the Red Wing Shoes marketing team, we immersed ourselves in what “Work Done Right” means by speaking to senior leadership, visiting multiple store locations, and taking factory and tannery tours. We spoke with tradespeople, compiled primary audience research, and attended high school trade events.

Red Wing and SOCIALDEVIANT found a solution that connected millennials and experienced tradespeople through their common love of their craft and the epic work that is still being done in Red Wing boots today.

The Insight

  1. Our core consumer is the experienced tradesperson.

  2. Millennial tradespeople don’t trust brands. They trust and seek out the opinions of experienced tradespeople who have been through it all.

  3. The legacy of epic work being done in Red Wing boots isn’t just historical - these stories continue today.



The Big Idea

SOCIALDEVIANT created a website that serves as a monument to the American Worker: the Red Wing Wall of Honor.

Tradespeople could submit photos of their actual worn boots and epic stories for a chance to be enshrined on the Red Wing Wall of Honor - a physical and digital wall of workers’ real, worn boots and stories. 32 tradespeople were selected by the Red Wing Shoes team to make the Wall, and they all received new Red Wing boots.


Our campaign had three major components:

  1. A call for submissions began on June 26, 2017, encouraging epic story submissions via the hashtag #AmericaWorking. This was supported by redwingshoes.com, organic and paid social, retail signage, ambassador forums and email.

  2. Finalists were selected with the input of Red Wing Shoes employees

  3. On March 12, 2018, we unveiled the Wall of Honor at Red Wing’s HQ in Minnesota, an effort led by the Red Wing marketing team, and via a digital version of the Wall, an effort led by SOCIALDEVIANT.

    We invited five honorees to the physical wall unveiling, where we gave each a uniquely Red Wing experience. This included factory tours, meeting Red Wing Shoes employees, and witnessing their actual boots being hung on the Wall. We captured videos of each honoree’s emotional reactions, and released these pieces on Labor Day 2018 - to remind everyone of the importance of celebrating work done right.


The Results

The Wall of Honor campaign brought Red Wing Shoes’ purpose to life for the first time and united internal teams under a common effort.

We were able to illustrate the epic things our tradespeople do in their boots every single day. These stories now reach and open a world of possibility for the next generation of workers.

Based on the campaign’s initial success, we are expanding efforts to integrate all brand marketing activity with the Wall of Honor, and drive global participation. Wall of Honor marketing will now repeat annually, under a broader evergreen program titled “Tribute to the Trades.”



Submitted Stories | 734 Wall of Honor story submissions (far surpassing our initial goal of 100) 
Website Visits | Approximately 105,000 Wall of Honor website visits
Social Impressions | 17 million social media impressions
Social Sentiment | 92% positive social media sentiment around the brand and campaign
Social Engagement | 49% increase in social engagements vs. June 2017
Press | Included in Adweek