The Challenge

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy is the perfect summer daytime beer. But it started to lose market share as other fruit-flavored beers were coming into the market.

In an increasingly crowded category, the brand was seeing a decline in the total number of new drinkers each year. The ask? Develop a program that would drive volume of Summer Shandy during key summer moments.


Scope of work

Strategy Development
Creative Concepting
Production & Execution



We dug into the research, unearthing truths among our audience and beer-drinking culture.

Audience Research: Defined the common needs and pain points across both audiences
Cultural Insight Development: Identified large cultural trends that were impacting the beer market
Beer Trend Analysis: Dug into the MillerCoors sales data to uncover an ownable consumption opportunity


what we found

People don’t just need a summer daytime beer; they need a little more summer daytime to go along with it.

Most of our audience’s summer daytime wasn’t spent outside, but instead in an office. We had an opportunity to lean into a cultural tension point, and carve out a daypart that no other beer brand owned. We needed to give beer drinkers an open permission slip to leave work a little early on Friday and take advantage of summer.



The Big Idea

Position ourselves as the beer of choice for summer daytime drinking by claiming Summer Fridays as our own. #LeinieFriday

The campaign included Facebook, Twitter and Instagram content, a branded badge on the beer app Untappd, and a local activation in Chicago—spurring thousands of fans to leave work early, share a Summer Shandy, and post content of their own using #LeinieFriday.

Even Jake Leinenkugel came out of retirement to help us launch the effort.

Leinies-FirstCall-SS-TW-5 (1).jpg

The Results

We were so successful in driving sales that Leinenkugel's has made #LeinieFriday a recurring tentpole in its marketing calendar. 

Our small-budget campaign set new engagement records for the brand, our Untappd badge became one of the most successful on the app and sales of Shandy increased almost 11%.



11% sales lift
Top badge on Untappd
Thousands of social participants




Our content studio supports Leinenkugel's year-round. Here's a look at some of the fun work we've made.