Deviating from Agency Norms


Life at Socialdeviant

Deviating from Agency Norms

Written by Marc Landsberg, Founder + CEO


At SOCIALDEVIANT, we pride ourselves on obsessing about our clients' success. We are in it to win it, and in every minute, are striving to help our clients' business grow profitably.

We have a team of amazing DEVIANTs that don't all come from agencies, but instead, some come from the brand/client side.

We always ask ourselves a simple question: "If we were the client, would we agree to that recommendation?"

We always put ourselves in our clients' shoes.




We operate in a way that is entirely client-centric:

  • We work fast
  • We share everything WIP
  • We are fully transparent
  • We deliver on time and on budget
  • We show up on time for every call and every meeting
  • We we never surprise the client (except with value-added ideas above and beyond the brief)
  • We are 100% accountable
  • We admit when we blow it...and then, we fix it. Fast.
  • We create results, not excuses.

One of the keys to our secret sauce (not so secret anymore), is we love to hire from industry.

Some DEVIANTS literally sat in our clients' seats, and literally, walked in their shoes.

Our client-centricity and ability to create value at every turn, is significantly enhanced by the composition of our team. Smart, kind, amazingly capable people who completely understand the rigors of client life.

We are all clients at heart.


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