Blue Moon


The Challenge

As Blue Moon rose to be one of the largest craft beers in market, the brewing company set out to improve the brand health, bring to life a new brand purpose of adding a “zest for life” and grow its share among a new competitor set, import drinkers.

The Ask: Improve brand health by elevating the perception of the brand, grow share among import drinkers by associating with a new social moment, the "urban impress" occasion and reinforce the new brand purpose by threading “zest for life” through creative & campaign work.


What we did

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What We Did

We took a holistic approach in building our strategy, creative ideas, execution and reporting to address these key challenges.



We created photography guidelines that applied across all of our content to consistently achieve an above-premium look for Blue Moon.


To steal share from import competitors, we analyzed needs / barriers of our new target audience and tailored our creative messaging. Through research, we partnered with the client to define the brand’s differentiated space within the category: the "urban impress" social occasion.


Through both always-on content and campaign briefs, we developed big ideas based on the new brand purpose. Our insights included beer trend research, cultural tensions in the marketplace, audience needs, and truths about the brand.


Summer 2018

Social Serendipity

Blue Moon is universally known for its iconic pilsner glass and orange peel. In the summer of 2018, the brand was looking to introduce a suite of new vessels, (pints, cans, and festival cups), and wanted to leverage the brand equity from the orange into these new vessels.

We created “Social Serendipity,” which embraced the "urban impress" occasion, brought to life a premium look, and found unique ways to use its brand equity in the creative.



Summer 2017

The Party’s Waiting

In the summer of 2017, Blue Moon was looking to drive awareness among a new competitor set, while aligning with its defined "urban impress" occasion. As Blue Moon was carving out its role in the marketplace, we knew we had to convey not only its differentiators—taste and refreshment—but also savoring moments with friends and embracing all that life has to offer.

So, after you’ve taken that Instagram-worthy beer shot, put down the phone and step into the night with Blue Moon—the party’s waiting.



Summer 2017

Snapchat Filters

In an effort to drive brand awareness on-premise after 10pm and bring to life Blue Moon’s new brand purpose, we created a series of Snapchat filters available only during certain hours in bar districts across the country.



Summer 2017

Seasonals Content

As a part of our holistic strategic approach, we created a seasonal beer lifecycle content strategy. We rolled out news about each beer through a phased approach that included teasing product release, announcing in-market timing, product education, and creating urgency at the end of each season. Rooted in the phased approach, our creative emphasized flavor cues, showcased the beer as hero, and came to life with an above-premium look and feel.