How to Use IGTV


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What does IGTV mean for brands?

IGTV is a long-form video platform, available as a new app, as well as integrated within Instagram. At a time when video consumption is at an all-time high and still on the rise, Instagram has strategically launched IGTV. With video being the dominant content type on all social platforms, it’s smart for IG to create additional video content creation and distribution opportunities. Accessible directly through the Instagram app, IGTV is encouraging influencers to make Instagram their primary content distribution platform, ultimately turning it into a hub for all different types of the latest and greatest content. 




Who is using it already?

IGTV made its initial splash with content created by popular influencers (or creators) like Kim Kardashian, JiffPom, and Lele Pons, many of which already had a strong IG following. Although the launch was strategically influencer-focused, brands have a huge opportunity to use it to their advantage as well. Companies like Chipotle, Lowe’s, Nike, Netflix, Warby Parker, and Gucci are already testing it out with content ranging from comedic snippets, to DIY projects, to behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. 

Best Practices

It makes sense why early adopter marketers are getting their feet wet, as IGTV gives brands a new opportunity to share long-form, vertical video content, which isn’t yet available on competitor platforms (YouTube and Snapchat). As brands continue to test and create on IGTV, we recommend taking the below into consideration: 

  • Develop content exclusively for IGTV; however, don’t be afraid to test repurposed content in order to gain insights into what works best with your audience

  • Advertising is not immediately available, but the platform is testing new ways to help creators monetize. In the meantime, leverage creators for sponsored content opportunities

  • Take advantage of all available insights to test while it’s still in the early stages (views, likes, comments, average % watched, points with which video viewership increases and drops)

  • Be sure to use the ‘embedded’ links to drive viewers to other content you’d like to promote

  • Developing content as a ‘series’ could be a great way to get fans interested in “tuning in” to your account

Why it Matters 

IGTV is giving influencers, brands and businesses an opportunity to be the first to create long-form vertical videos in their space. Be an early adopter, test often in the early stages, and ultimately, determine the best ways to use this new feature to engage with your users on a deeper level. More often than not, when consumers are opting in to a more in-depth viewing experience, the content will be better received.