Constraints Liberate Creativity


Insights from our CEO

Contraints Impose Structure

Written by Marc Landsberg, Founder + CEO

I have long subscribed to the belief that constraints are a force for good. Sure, the sky may be the limit, and perhaps the world is our oyster, but when faced with constraints, we find greatness.

Constraints impose structure, catalyze imagination, and establish the foundation for problem-solving. Think about the famous scene from the movie Apollo 13. The engineers had to create a solution for exhausting carbon dioxide from the L.E.M with limited supplies and dwindling time. Despite their odds of survival, they were able to construct a functional CO2 exhaust valve and pull off a life hack for the ages.

Yes, functional constraints can push you to the point of subversion, or even beyond your capacity to imagine a solution. However, these points are when "No way" becomes "Let's find a way," and "Impossible" becomes "It must be possible."


In my world of advertising and marketing - the world of creative problem solving - constraints liberate creativity. Time and time again, I've heard world-class creative tell me how much they enjoy a tight brief.

"Give us a tight brief - the tighter, the better - and we'll give you the world."

Yes, necessity may be the mother of invention, but constraints are the birthplace of creativity. Workarounds are the stuff of inventive genius - they happen in every minute of every day in every walk of life - because constraints require it.

For your next project, try giving yourself constraints. Cut your allowable budget in half, move your deadline in a few weeks, whatever it may be, push yourself to work under new pressures.

And watch what happens.

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