Our Story

Who We Are


We are a modern agency for modern brands.

Today's brands share a common struggle. It's not about what tech they use. It's not about structure or size. And it's not about how they communicate with consumers. Modern brands need to do more with less. As a partner in growth, SOCIALDEVIANT helps brands grow quicker, more efficiently. We deliver high-impact, collaborative creativity while taking time and cost out of the system. 


What We Do

We're a full-service creative agency with a digital-first lens. As a modern agency for modern brands, we're built to be nimble and scalable, with no wasted dollars or effort. We help our partners define their brand point of view, develop strategy that drives great creative, and help produce and distribute content.


How We Operate

Since Day 1, we've made Becoming The World's Kindest Company our ambition. Kindness is the currency of human relationships and it’s something that we expect in both ourselves and our clients. It guides our decision-making, our structure, our operating models and—above all—our behavior each and every day.


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Meet Our Team 


Setting the Scene

We were founded in 2012 by Marc Landsberg, who saw the need for an agency dedicated to creating value for brands in a socially connected world. Marc has 20+ years of marketing and M&A experience, serving as CEO of MRM and Arc, and as a director at Lake Capital.

Early in his career, Marc co-founded the startup Digital Knowledge Assets, a Web-based knowledge-management platform, with former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Telcoms guru Tim McDonald. More recently, Marc was recognized as a 40 Over 40 Digital Marketer on Campaign's prestigious list.


Our Leadership Team


Marc Landsberg, Founder + CEO

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Linda Johnson, President

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Dave Shuck, COO


All the Deviants



Want to join the DEVIANTs?

Visit our Careers page to see if you could be a good fit. We are always looking for kind and composed, left- and right-brained talent to join our team in future.